Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see your product?

Visit a Taps location to see some of our pieces in their showroom. Just ask a Sales Representative for Classic Woodworking vanities. Click here for store locations and hours. 

​Will my vanity come with a custom mirror?

We provide a variety of different mirror styles and can frame a mirror to match your custom vanity. We will discuss different options when designing your custom cabinetry. 


Can legs be added to make my vanity look like furniture?

We offer a small selection of legs that can be added to your vanity. We will discuss the options when designing your custom cabinetry.

Do you have different colours and finishes for the handles?

We have a large variety of handle finishes and colours depending on the style you choose. To see some examples of different handles see our Accessories page. We can further discuss options when designing your custom cabinetry. 

Do you offer installation services?

We offer installation of our own cabinetry. Prices will vary depending on the cabinetry and configuration. Classic Woodworking guarantees that any damage caused during installation will be fully covered by our installers when done by our team. 

​Is my vanity covered under warranty?

Click here to view our Warranty Information. For further information please contact us. 

​Can I add LEDs to my vanity?​

LEDs can be added to most vanities, however there always exceptions. We will discuss the options when designing your custom cabinetry. 

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